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Friday November 28th 2014

On Eye Street

The Phoenix Rises

By: Matt Buckley ’14 Welcome to the twenty-ninth volume of The Phoenix, Gonzaga’s premier, and only, literature [Read More]

New Tech Policies

By: Konrad Woo ’15 The Aquilian, Copy Editor Along with the administrative changes new this year at Gonzaga, [Read More]

Gonzaga’s Tech Future

By: Sean Maloney ’14 The Aquilian, Senior Contributor Q: What made you want to take on the responsibility of your [Read More]


Gonzaga Squash

By: Andrew Hohman ’14 The Aquilian, Editor in Chief The Gonzaga Squash program has started this year’s campaign with two wins over Bren Mawr and Wilson and a close [Read More]


Goodbye to the Old Sage

By: Christian Forte ’14 The Aquilian, Production Editor Well organized lines, being [Read More]

Four Years Flan’d

By: Alejandro Espinosa ’14 The Aquilian, Features Editor I met Mr. Christopher T. [Read More]

Tour of a College Tour

By: Christian Prince ’14 The Aquilian, Managing Editor It’s that time of the year [Read More]

Beyond the Gates

The Metro and Gonzaga

By: Christian Prince ’14 The most useful ancillary of Gonzaga’s metropolitanism is buried hundreds of feet under the concrete ground. Everyday, clusters of students [Read More]

Arts & Style

The Phoenix Rises

By: Matt Buckley ’14 Welcome to the twenty-ninth volume of The Phoenix, Gonzaga’s [Read More]

Catching Fire: A Heart Burning Experience

By: Charlie Workmaster ’17 The Aquilian, Contributor Released on November 22, 2013, [Read More]

Video Games

By: Cory Hannon ’13 The Aquilian, Senior Contributor 2013 has been a significant [Read More]


Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football

By: Clay Bruning ’15 The Aquilian, Fantasy Football Guru First overall pick in the draft.  Who did you pick? Did you make the right decision? If you picked Peyton Manning who has tossed 300 points, you made the right choice. Manning has averaged 25 points a game [Read More]

A New Era of Teaching Methods

A New Era of Teaching Methods

Christian Prince ’14 Features Editor We live in a time of changing educational paradigms, in which greater emphasis is [Read More]

Oscar Predictions

Oscar Predictions

Best Picture Nominees: 1. Amour- The elderly, illness, and a realistic look at death tend not to be the most sought out [Read More]



By: Will Lawler ’13 Editor-in-Chief Do you want the body of Adonis, Hercules, or even the great Arnold Schwarzenegger? [Read More]